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Elaine Park has been missing since Jan. 28, 2017. She was 20 years old. Now, over 2 years later, Elaine is still missing and no leads regarding her disappearance have turned up.

Friday, January 27th, 2017— Elaine reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, Divine Compere, at his Calabasas home in a wealthy, gated community. Video footage shows the couple around 10pm leaving his residence and taking an Uber to watch a movie at AMC 16 Woodland Hills. The couple are then seen returning to his home in an Uber around 1am.

Saturday, January 28th, 2017— Divine reports Elaine woke up around 4am and suffered a panic attack. He claims he tried to calm her down but she decided to leave. Video footage shows Elaine leaving his house and walking through his driveway to her car at 6:05am. This is the last time Elaine has been seen. Video footage from the communities gated entrance/exit shows Elaines car (Gray 2015 Honda Civic) leaving the community at 7:14am (over an hour after she was seen leaving on the Compere's video footage), despite their residence being less than a 1-minute drive from the gate.

February 2nd, 2017— Elaines car was found 45 minutes away from her ex-boyfriends house, abandoned on Pacific Coast Highway (south of Coral Canyon Rd. on the ocean side) around 4pm in Malibu. The doors were unlocked, keys in the ignition, and all of her personal belongings including her phone, laptop, money, makeup, etc. was still inside the vehicle.

The Glendale Police Department launched a search of the area her car was found, including the ocean, the coast, and the Santa Monica Mountains. Nothing was found. It’s unknown how or when Elaines car ended up on the coast in Malibu.

The Glendale Police Department has exhausted all of their leads and resources. Elaines mother proceeded to hire a private investigator after being unsatisfied with Glendale PD’s handling of Elaines case. Additionally, the Park family is offering a cash reward for any information regarding the disappearance of her daughter. Despite the families efforts, still no leads, information, or witnesses have come forward.

The Park family is asking the public to share Elaines story with hopes that it will reach somebody who knows or has seen something that will lead them to answers regarding Elaines disappearance. Anybody with video footage or pictures on PCH (near where Elaines car was found) anytime between January 28th and February 2nd of 2017 is asked to turn them in so the answer to how and when Elaines car got to PCH could potentially be answered. For more information, visit elainepark.tips or “Help Find Elaine Park” on Facebook.

There are many theories surrounding what happened to Elaine Park. The private investigator hired by the Park family stated that his investigation of Elaines disappearance pointed towards foul play. The Glendale Police department also stated that the way Elaines car was found was very suspicious, however they cannot rule foul play in or out simply because they don’t have any evidence. So what happened to Elaine?


Divine Compere is the son of Hollywood business man, Shakim Compere, who co-owns Flavor Unit Entertainment with Queen Latifa. Elaine is last seen leaving the Compere residence (2600 Delphine Lane, Calabasas), which resides in a heavily secured, gated community. The Compere family is well off and has connections which lead some people to believe that the family could have something to do with Elaines disappearance or simply know something and are being protected by Glendale PD.

Divine was cleared by police as a suspect because the family was "very cooperative" with the investigation including turning over security footage of their driveway and the communities entrance/exit. Elaines mother was upset with Glendale PD for dismissing the ex-boyfriend so easily and not conducting a search of the Compere property (including the large stretch of hills behind their home), despite their house being the last place that Elaine was seen. Glendale PD insists the video footage they obtained doesn’t show Divine leaving the property, however the footage cuts off immediately after Elaine drives off.

There are also issues with Divines story, including the timeline and the time stamps on the videos. Divine claims Elaine woke up at 4am and had a panic attack (Elaines mother insists she has had no indication of clinical panic attacks previously.) Then, video footage shows her leaving at 6:05am (2 hours later). Divine was not very descriptive with what happened during those 2 hours it took for Elaine to leave his property, as he simply says he tried to calm her down and then she got dressed and left. Whether something bad happened or they simply got into an argument, why doesn't he just say so? It’s important, however, to note that Elaine does not appear in distress or upset in the video footage of her walking from Divines house to her car. Elaines car is then seen on the communities entrance and exit security footage driving away at 7:14am, 1 hour and 9 minutes after leaving Divines house. Glendale PD insists the time difference is a result of the community not adjusting the time clock on the security system after Daylight Savings. Whether that is true or not, there is still a 9 minute gap of time from Elaine getting into her car to her driving out of the community. While Elaine could have been doing anything during these 9 minutes, it has been brought up that the distance from Divine’s driveway to the gate of the community is only 6 properties down the street— certainly not a 9 minute drive.

Though we don’t know much about Divine and Elaines relationship, I do find it strange that he doesn’t seem too concerned about Elaines disappearance. He hasn’t made any statements, or any posts regarding Elaine on his social media, nor shown any sympathy towards her situation or her family. He hasn't been very helpful with answering her families questions nor has he done anything to help find Elaine including helping with the searches, donating (they are rich, afterall), or even something as little as sharing the "Help Find Elaine Park" facebook page. With his families wealth and the platform his father has, the public exposure for Elaine could have been massive but instead they chose to remain radio silent. I find this strange because you would assume the significant other (even an ex) would be just as upset and concerned as the family and close friends of Elaine, so why hasn’t he done anything to try and find her?


Elaine has been described by her friends and family as upbeat, outgoing, fun and friendly. So those who were close to Elaine have been quick to debunk theories that she killed herself or ran away. Elaine was recently laid off from her job, stopped attending college that previous semester before she went missing, her parents had recently divorced and she was obviously not in the most healthy romantic relationship, considering Elaine and Divine’s on-and-off status. Still, Elaines mother insists that she has had no previous stunts of running away or going missing and that her daughter always answered her calls and texts. Considering all her belongings, including her money were left in the car, she probably didn't run away. Additionally, the families’ Private Investigator shared that information obtained during his investigation hasn’t point towards suicide nor a runaway situation.


There is the obvious fear that Elaine was abducted or worse. The families private investigator looked into human trafficking but found no evidence. There is the theory that Elaine simply drove to Malibu to enjoy the view of the ocean and was abducted. Though this could be possible, PCH is a very popular highway and there is never a moment where car’s aren’t on it, so— not the most inconspicuous spot to abduct someone as there are bound to be multiple witnesses. The suggestion that Elaine walked down to the sand and could have been abducted there isn’t very likely as the blood hounds used in her search picked up no trace of Elaine more than a few feet away from her car. Additionally, the sand is only slightly downhill in this area, so an abduction or attack would not necessarily be out of sight from the road and local homes and businesses. Elaine's mother brought up how although Elaines car is seen leaving Divine's community, you cannot see who is actually driving the car. This lead some people to believe Elaine could have been abducted while still inside the community, especially since her car took 9 minutes to leave the community. It's likely, however, that all of the houses in the community have surveillance cameras, including the entrance/exit gate, which would have most likely caught anything that happened inside the community. And, that is assuming the abductor was granted access, broke into, or lived in the community.


There have been a string of disappearances and shootings in the Malibu, Calabasas and Topanga areas over the last few years. Some cases have been eerily similar to Elaines story. Matthew Weaver (21) disappeared on August 10, 2018. He was last heard of that day when he sent a text message to a friend stating “Some crazy shit is going on.” His last known location was the Rosas Overlook in Malibu, where his car and personal items were also found. He still hasn’t been found. Last month, Jennifer Lorber (30) vanished on May 23rd. Her car was found abandoned 3 days later on Pacific Coast Highway, 3 miles down from where Elaines car was found. Her body was found a week after she disappeared, in the waters of Paradise Cove, in Malibu. It’s unknown if her cause of death was foul play or suicide.

Anthony Rauda was charged in January 2019, in connection to nearly a dozen shootings in Malibu and Calabasas, including one murder. Rauda’s was connected to shootings dating back to 2016 where James Rogers was hit in the arm by a bullet in Malibu Creek State Park. Less than a week later, Rauda fired at a parked car at the same park. In 2017, Rauda shot at random vehicles in or near Malibu Creek State Park on 3 different occasions. In June 2018, Raid shot at a Tesla as it drove down Las Virgenes Road in the Santa Monica Mountains. Less than a week later, Rauda shot and killed Tristan Beaudette who was camping at Malibu Creek State Park. He was arrested in October 2018.

These are just a few of the shootings and disappearances to rock the Malibu and Calabasas areas of Southern California. Many people are wondering if any of these situations are related. Locals of the area are on edge— between Rauda’s crime spree, the unknown death of Jennifer, the unsolved disappearances of Matthew and Elaine and the dozens of other situations I haven't covered— what’s going on in Malibu?

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